• The Fifth Professor Howe Book

    Professor Howe and the Terrible Tarrants

    by Christopher Samuel Stone

    Landing in a dead forest, PROFESSOR HOWE encounters her deadliest enemy of all - THE TERRIBLE TARRANTS!

    Becoming trapped in the creatures' city is only the first of her many problems, including radiation sickness and financial ruin.

    Can anything stop the Tarrants evil schemes? Will the travellers face 'Renovation'? And who is responsible for Alania's great hair?


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    Professor Howe and the Terrible Tarrants

    Professor Howe and the Terrible Tarrants

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    The fifth book in the Professor Howe series raising money for BBC Children in Need
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    Unfortunately, the printing costs for the hardback books have increased substantially and this has resulted in a price rise. We're very sorry about this, but it is unavoidable if we are to continue with this format. The great news is that we've still maintained the price on the paperbacks and...
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